Be prepared to be impressed and enthralled by Julia’s Dazzle!

Julia’s Dazzle, Long Shadows Vinters

2014 Pinot Grigio Rosé, Horse Heaven Hills AVA, The Benches Vineyard at Wallula

Average retail price: $12

Purchased on sale as low as $10

Disclaimer: My wife and I are Key Club members at Long Shadows Vintners. We discovered Julia’s Dazzle by happenstance through Costco and became members of Long Shadows not long afterward. We caught the rosé wine bug a few summers ago and saw this entry level offering made with Horse Heaven Hills AVA (“H3”) fruit and tried it on a whim. H3 is a revered sub AVA of Columbia Valley AVA in Washington State.

August is Washington State wine month so I took advantage of a number of sales promotions to snap up a few rosés (and many other great wines) to try at fabulous prices. I have purchased more than a case of Julia’s Dazzle at various grocers and Costco. It is $11.99 at Costco and as low as $10.99 at my local grocer! I will use Costco’s price as a benchmark for this review.

I recently tried several rosés priced from $6 to $13 and will cover three from Washington State that I found were crafted very well and had consistent quality over the past two or three vintages. While most wine consumers associate rosé as a summer only wine I have found that it is quite versatile and pairs well with traditional European and Asian cuisine very well and can be enjoyed year round.

Julia’s Dazzle welcomes you with pleasing aromas of strawberries and Anjou pears and entices you on the pallet with strawberry, melon and stone fruit flavors that carry on a lengthy, dry finish. This wine balances acidity, structure and fruit very, very well. The wine looks pink on the store shelf at room temperature, but turns an opaque orange when chilled.

This wine is excellent on its own and is indeed a great summer sipper but is very versatile and pairs well with a variety of Asian dishes and I recently enjoyed it with Parma Prosciutto wrapped burrata (fresh bison mozzarella) with capers and basil. I like to start the dog days of summer off with either a nice bottle of bubbles or a sumptuous bottle of rosé like this one.  Needless to say it has become one of our go to rosés.

Julia’s Dazzle is available through Costco, select merchants and grocers in standard 750mL bottles and 750mL and magnum 1.5L bottles from Long Shadows Vintners. This wine usually sells out before the summer gets rolling so consider yourself lucky that it is still available.

My Impression: 90-Points

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