About the Author

My love for adult beverages started when I was a child. I watched my parents mix cocktails for our friends and family. The creations they made looked and smelled great. I found out later in life they tasted great too! As my palette matured so did my taste for alcohol. I now enjoy a good glass of wine fine with great tasting food.

I have always loved food and eating. I grew up on mom’s home cooking, to fast-food in college to the cheapest processed food after college when I moved out on my own to trying everything I could push myself to try from around the world.

As my palette matured so did my taste for fine, good quality wine. I will write and share my wine and food experiences in this blog called Paired & Pairless. I will write reviews on wine that went well with certain food and make suggestions that I think they will pair well with. The wines that were great with and without food will also be featured in my Pairless category. These wines were fabulous on their own.

I will write about almost every wine I try but focus on the US$15-50 (C$20-60, €17-55) segment. I have found this price segment much maligned and under-rated by wine bloggers and professional reviewers. It is also the average cost of wine most of us will purchased while dining out not too cheap or expensive. Most establishments mark up their selections on the wine list by 200-300%. The ones that mark up by a lesser amount are the ones we love, therefor the $40+ bottles are also in play.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed my life experiences in food, wine and travel.